Luyu Liu

Hi, my name is Luyu Liu (he/his/him); the pronunciation is “Loo-yu Lieu” (listen in Google Translate). Please feel free to call me Luyu, even if you are my students!

I am a Ph.D. candidate in geographic information science (GIS) at the Department of Geography, The Ohio State University. I also work as a research associate in Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) in OSU. I identify myself as a transportation geographer, a GISer, and a mobility data scientist.

Research Interests

My research goals are to promote sustainable and resilient mobility from a social equity perspective. Empirically, my interests are urban transport geography, primarily in public transport and micromobility. The core of my research questions is to mitigate and overcome car dependency in cities and to promote sustainability, accessibility, and social equity. Several big problems I am interested in:

  • How to overcome car dependency in car-oriented cities?
  • How to improve sustainable transportation infrastructure?
  • What are the impacts of new technologies, and what are their relationship with traditional transportation modes?
  • How does public health impact transportation? And how does transportation impact public health in return?


My primary solutions to mobility issues are GIS and urban computing techniques; I also used statistics and geostatistics. I believe in data-driven approach and Occam’s razor; I am building a dissertation on how to advance mobility and accessibility research with real-time high-resolution data, which are naturally of much larger volume and more heterogeneity.

I am also a keen supporter for web-based GIS due to its convenient, accessible, and open-source friendly nature. I love making accessible or innovative web-maps in different contexts.

Beyond research

I love good humor, different subcultures, and Wikipedia. My recent obsessions are Bloodborne and 2010s songs adapted to 1980s style.

I love making friends so feel free to email me anytime, always glad to chat!