Watchmojo Top-3 by Luyu

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I won’t do top 10 but I can do a quick top 3 for some subcultures I love.

Top 3 good movies:

I love a good movie and a cup of hot 2% milk during a peaceful night.

  • Full Metal Jacket. The true horror of war.
  • The last emperor. Underrated masterpiece.
  • Dr. Strangelove. I can walk!!

Top 3 bad movies

These may not be necessarily bad movies, so it can be especially unfair for Rodriguez.

  • Spy kids 3. I just love hating on this movie so much that this is my No.1 favorite bad movie.
  • “2012”. It’s so entertainingly bad and I watched it a lot. Love the accuracy tho.
  • Snakes on a Plane. What can I say, the title says all.

Top 3 good pop songs

  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I hate the movie.
  • High hopes by Pink Floyd.
  • Innocence by Avril Lavigne. What can I say.

Top 3 classic music

Classic music is a fake concept. If you say “I love Bach and Beethoven sooo much” to a 19th century man it’s like saying your favorite pop songs are bohemian Rhapsody and Innocence. But if you must say so, I will go with:

  • Waltz No.2 by my man Dmitri Shostakovich aka Russian Harry Potter
  • Dies Irae from Verdi’s requiem. I play this to stay awake
  • Hungarian Dance No. 5. These are kinda cliche but I will call them classic classic music
  • Going home by Kenny G. Now you know how that 19th century man feels

Top 3 Vines

  • Whoever throwed that paper… by Public school Samuel Jackson
  • “ROAD WORK AHEAD” yeah I sure hope it does. by a random guy driving
  • Country boy, I looooooove you, (aaaaa) by midwest goddess

Top 3 paintings

  • Neoclassicism: Grande Odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. It’s like 19th century anime
  • Northern renaissance: The Ambassadors by Holbein. No spoiler but this is like the most interesting painting ever
  • Baroque: De Nachtwacht by Rembrandt van Rijn

Top 3 video games

  • Red Dead Redemption 2. The best video game you can play on this planet.
  • Bloodborne. This is a 2015 game and I am still playing it to this day.
  • The Last of Us Part II. Yes, just part II. I am not that into part 1 but I really love part 2.

Top 3 anime

I don’t watch anime so I don’t know much.

  • Death Note
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Kill La Kill

Top 3 animation movies

Animation movies always have much higher quality than bangumi animes, so I figure I will list another one for animation movies.

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
  • The Animatrix (2003)
  • Paprika (2006)